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Goat Killer Trail, Day 8: Pictures

Got back into some serious hiking today with a Saturday climb of Jangsan, a mountain overlooking Haeundae. Had a great time up there photographing fungi, streams, boulders and views of the Haeundae skyscrapers. And I felt strong, even if my heels still look pretty nasty. Bloody tired now, though — it’s through half-closed eyes that I hit “PUBLISH” tonight…

Goat Killer Trail, Day 6: Pictures

I hope you’re not tiring of this series — I’m only halfway through! I almost wish I’d never started, but at least it doesn’t require much commitment on your part — or mine. It’s refreshing, actually, to churn out some posts that don’t take several hours out of my Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Mad Men time. Meanwhile, a typhoon is rattling my windows and turning umbrellas into confetti.

Great Tunnel Journeys of the North Gyeongsang Coast

DAY 8. So I finally busted out of that last rest area and went dancing, I mean striding down the road. Or should I say “up” the road? I am walking north. Damn it, I’m always walking north. Anyway, moving ALONG the road. I was in dangerously high spirits. This was fortunate as I had a 35-mile day in mind. But all my distances are educated guesses based on my speed, duration and the very rare useful road signs; I might have done even more when I finally admitted that high spirits alone would not carry me all night, and started scanning for a place to crash.

Route 7 Revisited

DAY 7. Hi, all. I’ll make this short to reward readers for sticking with my endless saga of asphalt, sunburn and depressingly little romance… NEWS FLASH! I’d no sooner typed the above when an attractive young woman from one of the shops here just came out to my picnic table and said, “Excuse me, are you looking for somewhere to charge your phone?”

Temple #1 & a Mountainful of Buddhas

What on earth had I been thinking? My half-baked intention when I checked into the love hotel had been to walk out of town in the morning and all the way to Bulguksa, most famed temple in all of Korea, way out in the hills south of town. Luckily some good sense had seeped into my head with my morning iced coffee — that taxi ride took 20 minutes or more, and they don’t drive slowly over here without good reason.

Gyeongju: Royal Recreation, Peasant Peregrinations

Peregrinations: travel from place to place, especially on foot and with the suggestion of a roundabout route ~ The Free Dictionary I left Daereungwon, the walled cluster of elegantly rounded ruling-class burial mounds thatched with winter grass, and moved east towards the outskirts of Gyeongju, on foot and with the suggestion of a roundabout route, as is my preference. As I left most of the commercial buildings and traffic behind, the landscape opened up and I began to appreciate how special this place was. Tombs began to turn up everywhere.