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The Goat, the Sow & the Piglets

GREAT OCEAN WALK: Day 5 The first rain of my hike began with periodic drilling on my sil-nylon roof some time after midnight. Almost soothing, though the pattern of recurrent waking had resumed. I’d had a good few hours, though, and got up one final time in darkness to lug gear to the shelter table. Lit the stove while I packed; after coffee I topped up the beer-can stove and burned off some of my remaining metho for added light and log-cabin homeyness… ~ Journal entry, 17 June, 2011

Go West, Young-ish Man

GREAT OCEAN WALK: Day 1 I have seldom seen a more fearful section of coastline ~ explorer Matthew Flinders, on the Shipwreck Coast I settled back in my window seat and felt the tension float free as we shrieked free of the tarmac and began our journey south. Weeks of planning, one final late night frantically trying to get everything in order before a few hours’ dubious sleep…