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Infinity or Bust!

DAY 4. Exiting cities on foot is usually a dreary and protracted trudge, but leaving Ulsan yesterday was rather pleasant, for more than the obvious reasons. The road, Rt 31, was straight and not too jammed with cars, I was on the shady side and I quickly found myself on the northern outskirts. I’d stopped for a latte and a cheesecake that quickly succumbed to the heat, collapsing in a slimy puddle. But I needed the calories, so… Advertisements

A Long Haul into Ulsan

I doubt there is a creepier compound noun in English than “sponge bath” so I’ll henceforth refer to my first action on reaching Ulsan at 10:00 today as “doing the dance of the wet bandana”. This was a matter of some urgency as I was suffering what male thru-hikers blushingly describe as (to use another euphemism) “chafing issues”. One of the hazards encountered in the extreme sport of long-distance walking…

Anyone for Barbecued Goat?

Hi, all. It’s hot. End of weather report. And as you can see, they don’t allow trumpet playing here, which is another downer. I’m tapping this in the shelter and squalor of a former beachfront house that has been abandoned, ruined and completely degraded, though not necessarily in that order. It’s an utter hovel apparently used by uncouth fishermen and maybe wild boars.