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Is There Anybody Out There?

Hi, all. This is a note to any surviving subscribers to this, my old blog. You have surely noticed that I stopped posting years back, as I have a new site that is still (very) active (too active?) and takes up all my free time. It’s also far more centred on photography etc — though I continue to miss the name of this blog, which was surely its finest feature!

Anyway, I kept this original blog floating through deep space largely as I’m attached to it, and as a resource — for myself if nobody else. It’s good to have it there to check things I’m vague on. However, I’m still sporadically getting new subscribers to this drifting space-hulk, and I’d rather have them/you over on the shiny new site!

I’ve decided to render The Goat that Wrote invisible to all but me in a few days’ time. So if you’d like to abandon ship and join me over on Goat Track Photography, here’s the link. You can sign up to follow the blog part of the new site when you get there.

Thanks for your support!

Goat  ~ 山羊 ~


  1. thejaydub says

    I was one of the holdouts! I’ll subscribe to your new blog now.


  2. I think I’m both a holdout and a lurker. Your Backwards 88 is what got me reading your blog. It’s a great guide for a trip that I might want to do (if I ever got the time to do them). If it doesn’t make the transition to your new blog, I just want to tell you I enjoyed reading it!

    • Hey, thanks for the comment! I’m just finishing Day 5 on my second Henro. About to head off in search of a bridge to crawl under and set up my tent – though I’m certainly open to a better option if something appears. This is the most stressful part of each day for me (except when I’m confused about route etc). I never have a goal in mind at the start of the day, in terms of an end point. And I only pay for a room every week and a bit on average. And I get stuck at these convenience stores, charging all the damned devices! But it’s ok, today rocked!

      If you weren’t aware, I do a daily shot on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/goattrackphotography/ . Time to work on one now. Thanks again, and hope you get to do the Henro one day. This is a good time of year, though maybe a couple of weeks later would be warmer at night!

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