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Making Tracks: My New Site Is (Sort Of) Ready!

Hi, all.

Thanks for your patience. I’ll keep this short. This will be my final post on The Goat that Wrote. I’ve spent the last few months working long days, seven of ’em a week, preparing the new site, which is quite a lot more than “just” a blog — hence all that work.

As well as that, I just finished my first paying job as a photographer — well, really as an editor — assisting a photographer at the Indigenous Games, a four-day sports event for indigenous youth from over 30 campuses nationwide.

It was hard work but satisfying, and Paul and I worked well together. The vibe was great, but at the end of each day I could barely focus on anything further than a few metres away, such was the eye strain from staring intently at my laptop screen all day. And I’m sure the experience of sprucing up images of outdoor touch football and volleyball, plus indoor basketball and netball, will prove useful…perhaps.

Anyway, I still have to look into the process for migrating subscribers from this blog to the new site. Assuming it works and you find yourself receiving updates for new posts that you no longer wish to receive, I won’t be hurt if you elect to pull the plug.

For everyone else, thanks for sticking around. I could blather on about the new site here, but I’ve already summarised its layout in my first post over there. You’ll note that I actually published it four days ago — I really thought I’d be announcing its birth that day, but all the basketball and stuff got in the way.

Ok, I’ve earned a (-nother) glass of wine. I hope you enjoy…

Down the Goat Track my brand-spanking new domain


~ And that really, but really is all the Goat wrote




  1. Danielle says

    count me in. froggies are singing in rainy Japan. Remember them?

    • Oh, yeah, when you get a chance, check out the “Shikoku, Land of Death” gallery on the new site There are a few Shikoku froggies on there.

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