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The Blog Kept A-Rollin’

Hey, folks,

Just checking in with some exciting news.

I’ve spent most of my waking hours over the last month, and even many of the sleeping ones, building my new website, which I’m hoping to unleash on an undeserving world within a couple of days.

Mind you, I’ve been telling friends the “couple of days” line for a couple of weeks now. There are not many areas in my life where you’d call me a perfectionist, but this is one. I had a couple of weeks of anguish getting the basic framework set up, but lately I’ve been mostly fine-tuning the actual content.

I’m enjoying myself with it now, but still want it all to end. And by end I mean begin. It still works via WordPress but is hosted externally and required a new domain name, and though supposedly easy to customise and generally tinker with, it’s been an exercise in controlled madness getting this far.

Anyway, I wanted a platform to display my pictures more attractively, and move the emphasis from the word to the image. There’ll still be a blog with my latest doings, to which you can subscribe, but a ton of galleries as well. Getting the colours, fonts, layout, sizes, slideshows, performing monkeys and fireworks to meet my exacting standards has been a weird mix of fun and agony, but I’m nearly there.

Apart from all the 10-hr days hammering the new site into shape, I’ve been doing mountains of photography, still sticking to my 5-mile days, spending three hours in a coffee shop every morning slaving over the new project, sleeping erratically, and thoroughly enjoying a much-overdue transition into genuinely autumnal weather after one of the cruellest summers ever.

Every day now is gorgeous, clear, warm but not stifling, and just cold enough around dawn to chill my complaining fingers. The kind of weather that makes a man take a walk outside, gaze adoringly at the sky, take a deep breath, and slump back inside to his damned computer.

Anyway, this will be my penultimate post on TGTW. The next and final one will contain the details of the new site, and then I make the jump. Those of my readers who’ve stuck around during those months of radio silence: I thank you for your patience and hope to talk to you again soon!

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote


    • Thanks a lot, I am partly enjoying it but mostly just wanting to get out in the sun and lie down and do nothing for a few hours.

  1. Well it’s about damn time!! 👍🏼 Very much look forward to seeing it!! Great to hear from you, Goat!

    –Say? Don’t know if you hiked with or heard of Baltimore Jack when you were hiking The A.T., but he died suddenly a few weeks ago while doing what he always had done during hiking season: help that year’s class of A.T. hikers.

    Jack helped me a number of times between Georgia and Maine during my hike last year. Certainly enjoyed his company and encyclopedic knowledge of hiking the trail. He will be missed!!

    As were you! Welcome back, Goat!!


    • Hey Darius, thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I did indeed meet Baltimore Jack in my first half of the A.T. in 2004. I think it was in Damascus VA — is there an outfitters there? He was working there and gave us some advice about warmer gear up north. Later I heard a story about him helping a stranger down off a mountain in New Hampshire or somewhere in bad weather – that came from Bob Peebles/Peeples/Peoples (?) when we were staying at his hostel in Virginia. Oh yeah, now I remember talking to him about how much he disliked Bill Bryson! Sad news.

      More sad news: Did you read this? It’s been passed my way a couple of times already: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/may/26/hiker-who-went-missing-on-appalachian-trail-survived-26-days-before-dying

      Alright, better get back to the damn pitcher-editing!

      • Wow!! Reading the Guardian’s article makes me so sad! I knew the day it was announced that they had found her remains, but I hadn’t heard these details about Inchworm’s death. Such a tragedy. It breaks my heart!

        I can totally see that easily happening on the trail–especially in Maine!! Got lost myself (it’s a long story) for about four-plus hours in Southern Virginia of all places–it was raining, my cell phone died (no GPS) and I could NOT find the A.T., as unbelievable as that sounds (I had been trying to ditch this annoying German girl who was also hiking the trail, and in my reckless haste to lose her took a wrong turn and ended up getting really lost and frustrated & a little bit scared. Pathetic, I know–but I can totally see this happening to someone and it turning out badly.

        So sad.


  2. Oh man, thank God it’s work that has been keeping you silent and not some wicked ailment. Great to hear! Looking forward to the finished masterpiece dear Goat. Good luck.

  3. kiley henner says

    Hey Goat, was thinking about you today while talking to a colleague about hiking. Where are you living these days? Hope all is well!


    • Kiley, hey! Back in Brisbane making a living as a starving artist! Hey, you remember when you came to Australia that time and I was showing you the bats that evening? Well, the new site has a gallery just for bats — flying foxes, the big fellas — that I think you’ll enjoy. I owe you an email, and Andy too. Coming up…

  4. Denis LeBlanc says

    Very much looking forward to continuing my virtual travels with you. Your new e-site could be better way for you to market your wonderful photos.

    • Thanks, Denis, the new site has “e-commerce” functionality built in, when I’m ready to activate it. Another thing to learn — it’s been a good year for self-education so far.

  5. Christina Tanski says

    I look forward to your incredible and always thought provoking imagery! 🙂

  6. I enjoyed looking at your photos, when you start a website, I know it will be awesome. I can’t wait to see it when you’re done.:)

  7. Had been wondering where you were. Good to know you’ll be posting your photos again soon!

  8. Sandy Duncan says

    I am looking forward to the new web site. I have been waiting to hear from the Goat again. Glad that all is going well for you.

    • Hey, thanks Sandy, trust all goes well for you too. The site is essentially ready for lift-off, just me being way too fussy about the galleries before I hit the button…

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