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Casuarina Abstractions

Something a little lighter this time, folks, in both mood and word count, than the tale of The Shadow* — also a rather more pleasant view of the Boondall Wetlands than I presented last time.

This little group of shots was taken on the return leg of a photo-run to the Wetlands a few days before Christmas. I’d had some muddy fun wading off-trail (well, there really isn’t much trail where I go apart from this) and finally made it back to the bike/walking path for the hour’s walk home.

Yes, this is the same lonesome path I had to walk in the dark a few nights ago — in some ways it was a safer walk last time as there was no danger of becoming roadkill under the wheels of a speeding cyclist!

All of these effects were done “in camera”, just playing with camera movement and shutter speed — well, except for the last one, in which the camera was stationary and so was I: I had to hold that pose for 20 seconds!

Oh: the casuarina (cass-uh-REE-nuh). I’ve mentioned this tree once or twice on TGTW. It’s a native of pine-like appearance, complete with needles, which does well in marginal habitats and can thrive with either wet feet or growing straight out of sand, as on Moreton Island.

Resilient, adaptable, beautiful, self-reliant: if you’re looking for a feminine name for a baby or a pet of any species whatsoever, I reckon you could do worse than Casuarina!

The process of photography is so beautiful that sometimes I find myself working in a state of absolute disbelief as the pictures present themselves to me.

 ~ Rex Dupain, Australian photographer

white line cycling path boondall

Casuarina Abstraction #2

casuarina abstract 1

Casuarina Abstraction #3

casuarina abstract 4

Casuarina Abstraction #4

casuarina abstract 3

Casuarina Abstraction #5

road abstract

Casuarina Abstraction #6

casuarina abstract 5

Casuarina Abstraction #7

photographer & casuarinas dusk

Casuarina Abstraction #8

* Thanks, Darius!

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote


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