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Dogless in Hound Town

Late September, Sandgate, Australia.

A warm, sunny Saturday morning, and the dogs have brought their humans to the seaside.

With a languid incoming tide lapping at the seawall, the walkway/cycle path that hugs the rim of the Bay from Shorncliffe to Scarborough is already well populated with cyclists, skateboarders, rollerbladers, perambulating families and couples, the occasional wretched loner walking his or her own path.

And there are the dogs. Dogs of all sizes, shapes, temperaments and religious persuasions, all in a state of high excitement. So many things to do, see, bark at, chase and roll in. Their humans sip their lattes and struggle stoically to keep up. Anyway, it’s exercise.

We wretched loners slump grimly on, attempting indifference, inwardly acknowledging our sad and undeniable doglessness.


~ And that’s all the Goat wrote



  1. Nerolie Wallace says

    Awwww. No doubt thinking of your four legged friends back in Korea. Your dog day will come.


    • Kate often says I need a dog. I love our cat, but an animal that does what you ask occasionally would be nice! And I wold enjoy taking it/them for walks. I quite like going for walks…

      My poor Korean friends: I sorta hope they’re dead. It kills me to think they are still chained up 24/7, starving, loveless, in some scummy shit-hole…

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