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Synchronised Fireflies

Sometimes your mistakes are the best things you take home.

Last week I was scurrying about on the rocks below Shorncliffe Pier in the last useable twilight, trying to take long exposures with my camera mounted on a tiny Gorillapod (a flexible plastic tripod). The tide was lapping at my ankles; the rocks were mossy, encrusted with sharp-edged shells, and very unfairly irregular when I really needed a flat surface.  The things I do to keep you folks entertained.

On the shore, the local camera club was massed with a fearsome array of photo-weaponry mounted on very expensive “real” tripods, all aimed at the Victorian-era jetty above me — a favourite architectural subject of mine, and apparently of just about everyone else with a camera around here.

Anyway, I lucked onto a suitable rock, bent the Gorillapod’s simian legs into position, set up the shot, sorta (tide lapping centimetres below the lens: kinda risky), and using a 2-second delay so as not to shake the camera, gently squeezed the shutter and squatted there with my leg muscles burning and my hands hovering just out of shot in case the unthinkable happened.

The unthinkable happened. One or more legs slipped in the middle of my 30-second exposure and down she went. Safely caught, but shot ruined. Or was it? My favourite shot of the night — I like the comic-book effect of it. Time to head home…


Just back from two days in the unbelievably gorgeous rainforest of the Green Mountains with my fiend Chris. Nope, not the Vermont Green Mountains (not much rainforest there), the ones near the New South Wales/Queensland border. Pristine waterfalls by the dozen, tree ferns as tall as houses, trees of prodigious height, age and circumference, and two campsites solely occupied by us.

More on that adventure soon, after the other adventures I’m yet to catch up on. All good things… Here’s a teaser, the view from near our camp this morning:

Mt Warning, right, from Echo Point, Lamington National park.

Mt Warning, right, from Echo Point, Lamington National Park.

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote


  1. Are you back in Oz? Love the pic of the Shorncliffe pier. I have just moved to Scarborough on the Peninsula at times when I am actually in Brisbane (I’m currently cycling your old “home” country of Korea). Echo Point is a place I want to do an overnight camp but haven’t yet got around to. Always great to read your posts

    • Thanks, Andrew! Yeah, “stuck” in Sandgate for the time being while we do the visa dance… I used to ride or occasionally walk to Scarborough, but haven’t done it in a while. Nice views of the Glass Houses from there!

      You’re cycling through Korea (perhaps finished there by now)? Would be curious to know your route, you may well have gone through/near my old stomping grounds of Gimhae & Busan.

      Echo Point was great — but a bit cold for me in my minimalist bed! Will have some pictures etc up soon — ride safely!

      • I am still here I Korea. Currently in Andong. I rode from Seoul down the river to near Wonju then up through the mountains to Yangyang (amazing town) along roads 19 and 56. Then down the coast to Uljin where I cut back inland on roads 36 and 35 to Andong. From here I will head down the river to Daegu for a few days then inland a bit more before dropping to the coast and on to Busan. I leave Busan to Australia on 27 October.

        I first started following your blog while you were in Busan.

      • Enjoy the ret of your trip! I’d be interested to know your impressions. A couple of (then-new) friends who rode down through Korea visited me at their journey’s end in Busan. They found one of the biggest problems to be getting their bikes into love hotels! They’d found some of the roads harrowing but were generally given a wide berth by motorists.

      • I am finding it amazing. It is a fantastic country for cycling. I think how you view the driving depends on your previous experiences. I have just come from the Australian bush and Brisbane where drivers actively try to hit or threaten you. Here they seem inexperienced but polite. As for my bike in my room … that’s not a priority for me here. I am happy to lock it in the carpark or leave it in a storage room. I also just camp and leave my bike chained to a tree nearby some nights. Maybe it’s being used to camping that relaxes me a bit. I hope to come back to Korea because it is everything I love about China without the frustration. And it has so much natural beauty.

  2. Loving both those images, the 2nd one particularly, that sunset just peeking on the horizon is absolutely fantastic.

    • Thanks very much! One of the benefits of being an early riser. My back was playing up, though, and I couldn’t stand straight when I did that picture. Sleeping on the ground, even after all this time, is still problematic for my spine.

      • I struggle getting up early but if I was going to see a view like that it wouldnt bother me at all.

      • Yeah, the more I walk the same route, strangely, the more I find to surprise and enjoy (as in my latest post).

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