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Today’s Konglish: “Break Time!”

Hey, people.

I’m taking a break from blogging for a while. It might be a short while, it might be a long while, it might be a permanent while. I’ve got a lot of stuff chewing up my attention these days, a respectable number of worries and woes, and the ongoing preparations for a caper or two that demand focus. If all that ain’t enough, my laptop seems to have died its final death, and the WordPress app for iPad is truly woeful — I’d rather blog by pointy rock and coconut.  Not worth doing the thing if I can’t do it well, or at least tolerably well.

Don’t worry, life in Korea continues to please:

Nobody does pleasure like Korea

Nobody does pleasure like Korea

Hope all goes okay with you all. Thanks for putting up with me this long, and a special thanks to my 2,144 followers!* I’ll leave you with this image of me in the classroom, trying to make a difference:

english teaching in korea

See you if/when I see you!


* I know, it sounds dubious, but that’s what WordPress tells me.


  1. Haha… Follower bragger! I’ve got 80 and I’m sure some of them aren’t even real people. I can sympathise about your blogging plight though. Most of the time blogging just seems to be an extended exercise in talking to myself!

    • Well, that’s what it’s like for me too, except I generally use more bad language when I talk to myself. I don’t know why, but I average 10-15 new “followers” per day, at least according to the emails I get for each newbie. The ones I’ve checked — the ones with their own blogs — seem legit for the most part. But where they come from, how long they stick around and why most of them never comment etc: you tell me!

    • One of my rules of engagement in Korea is never to eat any cereal that’s not marked “Kellogg’s”. Kellogg’s: a name you can trust. And I prefer my corn in flake form, liberally sprinkled with sugar.

  2. Hope you post again sometime. If not, thanks so much for taking us along on so many good walks and giving us a view of Korea we would not have had otherwise. All the best to you and Kate!

    • Thanks, Am. I’m sure I’ll be back before too long. It just felt good officially freeing up my schedule (as the expression goes) — very busy times for me of late (bad-busy). About to get good-busy — but I’ll save that for my first post after this hiatus…

  3. Robert says

    Thanks for the ride so far! You’re partly responsible for my trekking/hiking enthusiasm which led to the EBC trip last year and now sees a growing list of future expeditions! Talk soon and hope to see you soon too!

    • You betcha! I expect I’ll be back. The blog has seemed kinda aimless to me of late; I feel like the busiest lazy person around. I need a life coach, or perhaps I need to walk less and take fewer pictures so I waste less time editing them etc. And I really want to hit the magical two mark for novels read this year!

    • Thank you, I’m having a real break — from Korea and the job etc — pretty soon, and I’m hoping I can get the computer fixed or replaced during that time and re-emerge invigorated and re-inspired!

  4. Barb says

    Oh No! Dont know how many of the 2144 wlll just accept your decision without a protest. How will we brighten our lives without your pithy words and extraordinary photos.Please keep us posted with an update now and then.. Its like losing “”Days of our lives”!

    • Will do, Barb. See my previous comment. I just don’t believe I have that many followers, though I get several new ones each day, each announced with an email form WordPress. Perhaps most of them are phantoms?

  5. Darius Russell says

    Goat–If you’re headed out to visit Kate, here’s raising my Adult Beverage to you (with proud smile on my face) that the re-connect go smashingly well!! Best to you with the blonde beauty!!

    (Hee-Hee! LOVE the sarcasm in today’s (army) school photo post!!)

    –Agent 007

    P.S. **Don’t know if you’ve ever read The Barefoot Sisters first of their two books about their Appalachian Trail thru-hike — had never picked it up before, and it just blows me away that
    they hiked Southbound through the Winter! LOVE IT!!

    • Good to hear from you, 007! Yes, you have divined correctly that an imminent rendezvous with the Blonde Beauty (she was stoked to read that and is now your adoring fan) is in the works! I am also hoping to deal with this laptop issue while in the West, and am itching to get blogging again.

      I heard about the Barefoot Sisters, but didn’t know they’d written about their walk. Southbound in Winter? BAREFOOT?! Say it isn’t so. I aim to do one of the two more thru-hikes I plan to do on the A.T. southbound — but in a saner season, though I’m sure Winter would mean great beauty and first choice of shelter berths!

  6. Carl says

    In my inbox was The Goat That Wrote
    Well, I clicked on my link.
    It took me to a familiar place, for a story from a friend I know.
    I could see that this post wasn’t too long!
    That made me kind of happy, I was at work, I could check it out without being interrupted, I could make my whole way through it easily.
    But the message was not so good.
    No Goat (that writes)
    Forgive me Goat, and write a long one

    • I’ll be back, Carl. Having a great time here with Kate in NY, and tomorrow I’ll be handing over $650 for repairs on the MacBook! Looking forward to writing up my adventures here…

    • I was gone but now I’m back, Alice! And then I was really gone — as in geographically — and now I’m back again — as in tragically!

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