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Swinging Buddhas (Scene from a Stroll #11)

Hey, all. Just to show that there’s more to the mean streets of Jangyu than the trash and decay I highlighted in the last post, I thought I’d balance things out today with a bit of urban beauty.

This is the first of my Scenes from a Stroll to feature more than one picture, but I think this lot work together as a series. And to tell the truth, I couldn’t bear to break up the set!

These lanterns have recently resumed the positions, a couple of minutes from my place, they occupied at this time last year. I don’t know who hangs them there — outside a massive police training centre and opposite a service station — but I suppose they’re a teaser for the Buddha’s Birthday celebrations that will mean — oh, joy! — a long weekend starting on Friday the 17th.

I took these pictures two evenings ago as I walked home from the shops. Just as I was lining up one of the early shots, somebody flicked a switch and they took on a fresh and glowing beauty — I try not to use the word “magical” but it almost fit here.

And then I had to start all over again!

blue lantern

pink lantern

yellow lantern

pink lantern & apartments

blue buddha lantern

yellow illuminated lantern

orange illuminated lantern

blue illuminated lantern

multiple lanterns lit up

lantern & service station

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote


  1. I can see why you couldn’t choose the best photo, as they all look good! My favourite lantern is the lime-green looking one that’s on an angle. Nothing beats something that doesn’t go with the flow of every other!

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