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Lucky 13

Bow down to her on Sunday
Salute her when her birthday comes ~ Bob Dylan

It’s my gal Kate’s birthday, and we’re a few thousand miles apart, which is damned inconvenient, but on tonight’s birthday Skype (it’s the evening of the 13th here; in New York she’d just gotten up but looked a lot hotter than I do at 6:30am, if you can believe that) I promised her a birthday treat, and here it is: her very own tribute post on TGTW!

I know what you’re thinking: “That guy is such a winner.” Anyway, here it comes, so those of you with a low tolerance of SWEET, OLD-FASHIONED ROMANCE, avert your eyes now. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


I did a lot of thinking about Kate today (her Friday night) as I climbed up Bulmo-San through the woods, understandable I suppose as we were texting for most of the journey.


It was beautiful in the forest and I lucked at last upon the best route yet up the mountain; maybe I’ll post some pictures soon. Tonight, as Kate often points out, it’s all about her. And as the Man said, it’s time I got salutin’.

A few random facts about Kate…

  • She’s my biggest fan. People often say that about their partner’s attitude to their “work”, but this is literally the case here! She was following the blog before she met me, having heard a few tales about me from her brother Dude and his now-wife Trouble, and here I was wondering why my stats were shooting upwards all of a sudden. She’ll quote posts to me I’ve long since forgotten, and I lived them! And she’s been so encouraging about the words and pictures on here. If a blogger can have a muse, and I don’t count the lady who makes the awesome lattes at the So Pung Cafe, then mine is Kate. OK, maybe I have two muses. Kate’s cool with that.
  • I dig the way she speaks. She has this twangy Yankee thing where her yes sounds like yass. When she agrees with me, it’s usually with an emphatic I know, riiiiight! Her favourite emphasising adverb is super: super cute, super happy, super awesome. Don’t get me started on her mittens. It’s super cute.
  • We have the standard cutesy pet names for each other that would make anyone in the vicinity puke if they heard them. So we’d better keep them secret, right, Puppy?
  • Her hair, of which she is justifiably proud, is like molten sunshine poured from the steaming cauldrons of the gods.
  • She drives like a champ. She did almost kill me, once, early in our relationship, but I forgave her. Have you seen her hair?
  • Like me, she cannot function without coffee. She’s also vegetarian, which worked out nicely for predominantly-vegetarian me after my brief and unhappy trail flirtation with burgers and bacon.
  • Our first argument was about grammar. It can be hell going out with an English teacher — it’s bad enough being one. Other than that we’ve had very few arguments, and for a partner of mine she’s refreshingly sane. She’s only gone all Linda Blair on me two, maybe three times.
  • She has a fear of birds. Shouldn’t have told her about the eyeball-pecking magpies of the Australian Spring, I guess.
  • Hard to believe, but she looks even better in an Alice Cooper T-shirt than I do.
  • She loves hearing me blabber about music and mountains and stuff. I can listen to her talk about anything.
  • She’s seen the Grateful Dead.
  • She’s vivacious, smart, funny, affectionate, loyal and eternally optimistic. I’m crazy about her.


I could go on — there are at least three more cool things I’ll save for later — but you’re probably reaching for a bucket, and I’m pretty tired after today’s 10-miler. Plus I ate the entire birthday cheesecake you can see above, and that was after devouring a massive plate of spaghetti.

Also, while I was tapping this it ceased being the 13th — well, at least here in the exotic East. Over there you’ve still got 13 hours or so of birthday to enjoy, babe, so get busy!

~ And that’s all the Dreamboat wrote



  1. Kate says

    Wow, best birthday present ever! You my love, are the dreamiest Goat that ever wrote. I am a super lucky girl to have you in my life. This is definitely the first time I ever cried tears of joy in my coffee at Barnes & Noble. Thank you for being so wonderful and handsome, but I guess I should thank your parents for that one!

    • I don’t think my parents would agree 100%, Kate!

      I am sorta sad, sorta thrilled that I made you cry in B & N! I hope you didn’t ruin that place for us though! I have big plans for several coffees and baked treats with you there when I get over to NY.

      Keep rockin’ — you’ve got six hours of birthday left to enjoy!

  2. Darius Russell says

    Happy Birthday, Kate!

    WOW! You GO Goat!! Such a Sinatra/CaryGrant/BarryWhite/Casanova romananc’in poet-stud! I’m pull’in for ‘ya, buddy—Really hope it works out for you two!! And it WILL if you both want it to!!!

    Metaphorically lifting my glass in a toast to romance! Cheers, Guys!!

    • Thanks, Darius, from us both. I’ll take the Sinatra and the Grant for sure!

      It’s gonna work out alright, no worries there.

  3. Phaedra Zoe says

    Happy Birthday dear Kate. I couldn’t be happier for you. Really he said it all and did a damn fine job of doing so!!

  4. Very lovely, it is so nice to hear you so happy, especially as it is a fascinating contrast. Thank you for sharing (except for the puppy bit). I’m glad you have something else that makes you feel alive.

  5. A very sweet birthday photo on Skype with the ouy (heart) I and cheesecake and candles and your happiness. Joy to you on your birthday and in the coming year, Kate!

    Lovely to celebrate old-fashioned romance, Goat!

  6. Snuggle-Pie, this is a nice post! You’ve made the transition from sweet-pants to sweet-talking with ease!

  7. Carl says

    I think there was a fair dose of blue vein in that cheesecake! Haha great to see someone in love.

    • Heheh, don’t tell the Koreans but I suspect if a cheesecake can sit on an unrefrigerated bakery shelf for several days, it does not contain real cheese. Add real cheesecake to the list of things I miss. Luckily New York is known for its cheesecake — that worked out well!

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