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The Proud Homeowners (Scene from a Stroll #9)

The nest of the Korean magpie, known as the ggachi, is a ubiquitous addition to the skyline in the farmland fringes and right into the apartment tower heartland. Though the birds themselves are difficult to photograph with my prime lens since they never stop in one place for very long and are wary about intrusive weigookin (foreigners) like me getting too close, their nests — enormous and unkempt assemblages of sticks — can be spotted from a great distance.

I always enjoy finding them. They are a nice reminder of the presence of a slightly wilder Korea, a shaggy and welcome interruption to the orderly monotony of the domino-like tower blocks. I found this charming example of the nesting instinct — human and avian — last week as I ventured into a hitherto unexplored cul-de-sac between a local tower estate and the freeway.


How do they find home without a number?

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote



  1. There seems to be a distinct lack of camouflage to this nest? Then again, maybe I’m looking at the wrong spot?!

    Those buildings are closing in though. Give it a few years and the birds should be successfully eliminated…

    • I’m surprised sometimes the nests are left alone and not swept away by some crazed team of grandmas with long brooms.

      I prefer to take the optimistic view that in a few decades the apartments will have crumbled away — and whopping great magpie-nest metropolises will cover the land.

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