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Seorak-San: Down from Daecheong-Bong #2

I had a great day yesterday. A very exciting development at school, with some time off for my next adventure finally getting official approval. Then the agony of buying tickets online before success and sweet relief. And all that was before Carl, my compadre and musical collaborator in Sydney, and I reached another pretty special milestone in our little project, with the completion of a modest but beautiful little album. I played it twice while cooking pancakes — as I told Carl, that’s the way music was meant to be heard. Even, er, “punk rock” (or whatever it is)…

And on that mysterious note, let me conclude at last the Descent Saga. I think even the infamous 1936 catastrophe on the Eiger was over faster than this one. Again, I’ll stick to pictures. They’re purtier than my prose.

Backstory: I climbed up a mountain. I slept on the top. I started down.

Yup, the cloud was back. Just made the foliage glow all the brighter, though

That path, a labour of love, was smoother walking than it looks

The pass at last — and the void beyond

First water all day was near here — a barely trickling spring

Well, that was painless, wasn’t it? You got the easy part — this was a long day, and I was, to employ a little British English, knackered* when I got down to Bisondae. At the restaurant here I enjoyed a nice big bowl of bibimbap, watching, from the deck above the falls and pools, the speck-like climbers, tiny spiders swaying on the sides of the looming crags…

Look hard – there are climbers on both crags

..and the ancient Chinese graffiti of pioneering visitors:

It was nearly dark. Reinvigorated, I trotted back through the woods to the tourist complex, queued for a crowded bus back to town, and scored another room in the crumbling Castle of Love near the beach…

But it’s not over yet. You didn’t think you were getting off that easily, did you?

* Every time I use this word in America (Australians use it a lot), people think I’m saying “I’m nekkid.”

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote



    • Yes, the path itself is one of the most enjoyable I’ve walked. And those colours: we don’t get them in Brisbane, do we?

    • Yes, I’ve been very distracted, of late, SW. I even thought about closing down the blog during a fit of angst. I think I’ll do a little post about the music thing soon. Be a nice break from all those bloody mountains!

    • Cheers, Martin. I’m still not sure about the official side of it, but overall I think it’s possible if one is discreet. People often set up tents on the beach, river banks etc for the day and even into the night. With so few actual campgrounds in Korea, a bit of compromise is necessary. I would be very careful in places like Seorak, though — real national parks etc.

  1. Looking at those descents just makes my knees want to detonate. That’s some pretty rugged looking country! Oh yeah, I’m cursing those vibrant fall colours you’re surrounded by again!

    Almost closing down the blog? It’s good to see you’ve still got your angst, which appears to be held in check by a very flimsy lid!

    • Ah, I was having one of those “What’s the point?” spells that can plague the lonesome blogger. And the music thing seemed to be eating up all my creative energies (if I may be so pretentious). A happy medium would be nice! Actually I’m about as content as I get tight now — enjoy it while it lasts!

      I fear there may only be a week or two of Autumn glory remaining for this year, so I’m making the most of it. All Autumn means to me in Australia is a brief respite from the heat and sunlight!

  2. Epic Autumn colour there. Always better for a little cloudiness. Nice to see some humbler plants getting a look in – hardy geraniums with their own pretty Autumn hues.

    • Yup, pretty soon the trees are going to be bare stalks knee-deep in their castoff leaves. I went for a good walk yesterday and there wasn’t much colour remaining, though the grasses were a pleasing golden shade.

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