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Seorak-San: Down from Daecheong-Bong #1

Not the most inspiring title but I figure non-Koreans will have enough trouble as it is negotiating the anglicised Korean words up there — and I didn’t even include Madeungryeong! This is the name of the ridge which gives its name to the route I took back to “town” after my night on Daecheong-Bong. I didn’t want to double back, so took this detour soon after passing the shelter. I was glad I did. It was a long day, moderately arduous, and water was pretty thin on the ground — but what scenery!

I’ll give you — and me — a break from the tiresome wordage on this post and the next. Instead I’ll make this another photo post– and split it into two, since like a proud parent I really couldn’t decide which of my “babies” to exclude. And this was after a pretty ruthless first-round cull. Hope you like the survivors — this was possibly my most spectacular day’s walking so far in Korea.

Skeletal trees & coastline

Glorious blue before the cloud moved in

Daecheong-Bong, last night’s bed, distant centre

Hikers, bottom right — you often got distant glimpses of the way ahead

One of several steep-but-short ascents

1.7km to Madeungryeong Pass

To be continued…

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote



  1. a strawberry patch says

    Beautiful, vibrant colors! Your photos always look 3D, never flat. Still trying to figure out how you do that :).

    By the way, trying to plan a mountain (ok, by your standards, a large hill 🙂 ) hike in Northern Georgia before the weather gets too cold. You have inspired me!

    • You mean like they failed me?! I have been most uninspired of late. I think I’ve lost my mojo. Happy to let the pictures do the talking here!

  2. You’ll never please everyone Goat as I like your writing. Feel free to bang on as much as you want, as it’ll make me happy!

    Stunning colours again! I was detecting a bit of polarizer action?

    • Haha, you can’t sneak a polariser past a fiend’s hungry eyes! Yes indeed — until the clouds hit, and when I was facing the right way, it got a bit of use. In fact I dropped and almost lost it going up the mountain — slipped between the cracks on an observation platform floor and that floor happened to be perched above a deadly drop!

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