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A Quick Chat over Breakfast (Scene from a Stroll #8)

I don’t know, some people say he can be cantankerous and a tad obstinate, but I really enjoy my wise old neighbour’s company.

This was a month ago, our third chat. I detoured down from that road in the background, on the way to N2, my Thursday-Friday school, to say hello. Got there just as he was starting on breakfast, but he made me welcome.

He’s had an interesting life; a few tales to tell. And although his manners, like mine, could use some fine-tuning, I value his opinions on life, the female of the species, politics and especially edible weeds.

A vegetarian, too. And a secular humanist — of sorts.

Like all Koreans, he’s very partial to cabbages

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote



    • Yes, there is a certain resemblance, especially when I’m thru-hiking and have the facial hair flowing. No nannies yet, regrettably — we’ll see if he’s home when I’m walking to my second school this morning…

  1. Robert says

    From the condition of his hindquarters it looks like he might’ve accompanied you on that recent expedition

  2. Actually, he’d make a lot more sense than some of the clowns I work with in my office. He’ll probably be more efficient than them as well. Can you bring him back for me?

    • Oh, he’s very efficient. Do you have any weed patches you need removed? Sadly, yes, I doubt many office colleagues could match him in most regards.

  3. Hmm, he does appear to be a wise old goat. He would no doubt be far more helpful than the so-called expert I am seeing today.

  4. Franko Paddo says

    excellent …I love talking Goats.

    I think I read too many Hugh Lofting books as a kid

    “kid” – get it, baby goat, ha, i crack msyelft up.

    I’m bored now.

    I’m going.

    • Yes, I have an old early-edition Lofting book at home. I don’t know, I talk to all kinds of things over here, animate and otherwise. Their English is no worse than anybody else’s!

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