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Goat Killer Trail, Day 10: Pictures

We’re nearly there, readers! I’ll be as relieved as you are to reach that finish line — I have stories almost six months old I’ve had no chance to write up yet!

I didn’t write much on my original post for this day. Day 10 was a slow one, as rewarding as the others but with all that asphalt-thumping definitely making itself felt…

Oh, and a warning for those of a delicate disposition: this post comes with pictures of…


DAY 10

Slept there in peace and dawn broke today over a multitude of huge wooden penises and sculpted male figures brandishing very impressive equipment.

I had just camped in “the only place in the area where the Korean phallic tradition continues”…

Are you sick of glorious sunrises yet?

Arise & greet the new day!

Three Amigos

Ghost on the Highway

Fellow pilgrim

Smiling colonists

Diving for lunch

Farm couple moving corn waste

Tomb of King Gongyang, murdered in 1394

500-year-old zelkova

Buddha in bondage

Alpine-style pumpkineering

Typical beach scene

Front garden near Samcheok

Along the way I did another stealth-charge outside a Family Mart, got myself lost and rained on…

Pension run by a certain Mr or Mrs Kim

A herd of goats takes shelter from the rain

Rose of Sharon

..and finally made the last descent into Samcheok.

It was 18 miles…

Samcheok Harbour on a drizzly afternoon

View from the Paradise Motel

I’m torn between doing more miles and finding a room here. Samcheok was a milestone I’d like to enjoy — plus it’s raining again…

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote


  1. Well, I found the first penises rather beautiful, almost totem pole-like, but the second ones were much too aggressive and militaristic-looking for my own personal taste. Not that it is my own personal taste, if you see what I mean!

    And sunrises — we can never get enough of them, Goat. Yours was truly glorious.

    • By God, I knew there was something off-putting about that second shot — I agree, they look like crosses between helmeted stormtroopers and Darth Vader! Unfortunately I was loathe to publish any of the other shots I took, which feature rather devilish humanoid figures brandishing their weapons in even more unsettling ways. Not to my taste either…

  2. Alice says

    What is hanging (drying) on the front of the house in Samcheok? The zelkova is magnificent. Will be a little sad to see the end of this trail tale, but I am looking forward to more.

    • Thanks, Alice. You’re never too far from garlic in some form over here. In fact it’s the smell of Korea to me.

      I’ll be a little sad too — but more than a little relieved as well. I need a new challenge, both in the physical and the blogging worlds.

  3. How could one ever tire of sunrises like this?
    Needless, to say I am particularly keen on your fellow pilgrim shot 🙂

    • Rachael, I have more shots of critters like the pilgrim, taken on a walk closer to home, that you’ll love, in a creepy sort of way. I actually took some time to scoop that walker form the road with my hiking stick — at the loss of a limb (the insect’s) unfortunately, but preferable to becoming roadkill.

      • Glad to hear it. I wonder if Pilgrim learned his/her lesson or just tottered back into harm’s way after you left?

      • Well, there comes a time when you just have to let them go and give them the freedom to make their own mistakes (sigh)…

  4. Wow, those peckers are packing a punch! It looks like a scene from when I was about 15 years old. It’s a pity it all does downhill after that!

    I must say that there’s some lovely colours in your photos of a landscape I’ll never visit. There’s a sense though that you’ve got some fatigue setting in with this series? Reliving a walk for blogging purposes can be an ordeal at times!

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