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Goat Killer Trail, Day 9: Pictures

Another great walk yesterday, a Sunday-afternoon stroll along the river and through the local paddies, shooting (photographically) at anything that moved. A touch of the Wild West in the Mystical East.

My good spirits remain; I scarcely know myself. I’m doing music again, with a good friend Down Under, no mean feat given a barrier of several thousand kilometres of ocean, and between this blog, the songs and my escapades with my camera, I feel totally creatively fulfilled.

Life is good, even if Breaking Bad did finish tonight, leaving me with a yearlong violence-free void till the final season…


I gave up [trying to sleep] at 4:30 and started packing. Left a carrot for the next tenant, rejoined the surface world and was doing well when…


The bridge that served as roof for the night

View from the road, dawn

I checked the phone (Oh, beloved friend!)…emerged with bloody knees on 917 again and reached an almost-pretty fishing town called Jukbyeong.

Arriving, I noticed the phone was dead…

Main street, Jukbyeong

500-year old Chinese juniper tree

Street art, Jukbyeong

At the Family Mart, attempts to charge it failed…

Mugunghwa (rose of Sharon), Korea’s national flower

It was a slow haul out of that last town, up to a roadside viewpoint called Dohwadong-San. Down below you could see the screeching madness of Rt 7, and I was amazed to think I’d spent a couple of days walking it. ..

The now-unwalkable motorway I’d been forced to abandon

Well, a couple of nice things happened up there. First, I glumly plugged the phone into the rest-room socket — and got the “charge me” icon.

Meanwhile I met a couple of nice fellow travelers. A high school boy was going north on a bike, and a young woman was heading (naturally) south…

One of these things is not like the others

View from the summit, Dohwadong-San

I descended, entering Gangwon Province, last one before the border…

Entering Gangwon Province. Condition: stoked!

I was now, and remain, on a lovely quiet stretch of old road rebranded as the Romantic Road…

Guardian of the Sacred Chillies

Rice paddy beastie

A pleasant side-trip through some choice paddies

River outing, dusk

I was jubilant and wound up meeting two more walkers in Ho-San, nice guys from Seoul doing a weekend walk…

Family Mart dinner with two Seoulites

Man, that next section. Night-hiking alone puts you in some weird places…

Late-night road-walking – just the two of us

After six or seven miles my feet were begging for mercy. I entered a tiny fishing town called Shin-Nam… climbed a hill in a harbour-side park, passing all these tall, dark sculptures. Found a little pavilion table under a wisteria-roof…

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote


  1. Have been trying to catch up with your multifarious posts, Goat. As you guessed, I’ve been away — but within this universe. To the Lake District in fact, meeting up with Dominic, climbing a few fells, and nursing a mother-in-law after a hernia operation (actually my wife did this). This is all far too much information, so I’ll come to a swift close!

    • Sorry about my profligate blogging of the last couple of weeks, SW — but when I start something, I feel compelled to see it through. But please don’t feel obliged to look at them all!

      Glad it was your mother-in-law keeping you busy, and not the mother ship!

  2. Your feet are hurting, so I’m figuring you’re nearing the end?!

    You know what? I looked at that photo of the two walkers and thought the bloke had full length sleeve tattoos! I had to go for my ramped up glasses to confirm otherwise!

    Great captions again!

    • I had the same reaction when I first encountered those sleeves. I really must send those guys an email; woul be good to catch up in Seoul sometime.

      Yes, the pain has kicked in — and for once the end is in sight, more or less!

  3. Cool double shadow shot at the end. I a m reading these backwards so missed the full effect of the tease at the end of this post and the reveal at the start of the next! 😉

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