Month: September 2012

Golden Gimhae

G’day, friends. Let me tell you about my day. I was in such a good mood today, I almost felt like I’d been possessed by really-quite-nice spirits. If you want to know the secret, I’ll spell it out for you: first, get paid for a week of doing nothing. Oh, you have to turn up, but you get to sit in your chair for four hours without any human contact whatsoever. Second, you can go home at lunchtime — or better, you can go climb a mountain and burn off all the fat that just accumulated around your buttocks over those gruelling four hours.

Sunday Playtime in My Big Backyard

Hi, all. How was your Sunday? Mine rocked — fortunately, as I wasted my Saturday completely. Well, I slept a lot, and I probably needed it. But staying inside a tiny apartment for a whole day sends me a little loco. I hit the pavement with a lot of pent-up energy this morning, and after loading up on carbs and caffeine at the bakery I was ready to take on anything.

Goat Killer Trail, Day 10: Pictures

We’re nearly there, readers! I’ll be as relieved as you are to reach that finish line — I have stories almost six months old I’ve had no chance to write up yet! I didn’t write much on my original post for this day. Day 10 was a slow one, as rewarding as the others but with all that asphalt-thumping definitely making itself felt…

Goat Killer Trail, Day 8: Pictures

Got back into some serious hiking today with a Saturday climb of Jangsan, a mountain overlooking Haeundae. Had a great time up there photographing fungi, streams, boulders and views of the Haeundae skyscrapers. And I felt strong, even if my heels still look pretty nasty. Bloody tired now, though — it’s through half-closed eyes that I hit “PUBLISH” tonight…