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Goat Killer Trail, Day 7: Pictures

The typhoon was a relatively mild affair down here in the sheltered south-east. It blew like hell but didn’t carry much rain. Starting early, I got the standard series of conflicting phone calls and text messages from a couple of colleagues:

Come to work at 11:00; Come to work if it’s safe; Did Dorothy call you? [Yes]; Did Sophie call you? [Yes]; Don’t come to work — it’s too dangerous; The principal said teachers should come to work at 11:30.

That second-last one had me mentally reaching for the champagne corkscrew. That last one had me plotting violent revenge.

I was almost blown sideways several times as I burrowed a tunnel through the gale to school, dodging flying trash. Then within a minute of arriving, the vice-principal said, “Ian, we [the Korean teachers] should stay, but for you, it’s an option.”

An option I chose to take up after two hours of blog-reading lesson-planning…

* * * * *


I went to bed last night under some trees, rather worried about today’s road-walk after the unpleasantness of the morning. But I had the best night’s sleep so far, woke to an explosive sunrise igniting the horizon and surf cracking and booming in the foreground…

Dining tents — what else can I call them?

Wouldn’t be a Korean beach without stranded floating things

Lifeguard post

Got going before 6:00 and DAMN — it was great. Busy as hell, but the verge was clearly defined and stayed that way all day as I passed hotels, “pensions”, and giant fiberglass snow crabs, the local speciality (the real ones, I mean)…

Terrifying mutations, legacy of all the nuclear plants?

The sea sparkled on my right…

Standard military observation post


Distant wind farm/nuclear plant (only in Korea?)

I’ve walked [Route] 7 all day and the last few hours have been hellishly hot as the road left the coast…

Farm-road underpass

..and led me up and over a wretched series of exposed climbs.

The traffic is constant but I just ignore it, thinking about ice-cream, women, and the oddness of life…

I scoff at your puny nippers

The road goes ever onwards, damn it

I am on course to do over 35 miles today, the longest day of my walking career…

I thought Australia had an abundance of spiders

Some charming views inland

Paddies, mountains, concrete farm roads: Korea

Grandma takes the baby for an early-evening stroll

Sometimes you’d just rather walk

If I am to make my secret destination in time, I will need to do several 30-mile days — and I will do them willingly, because even with the heat and bouts of monotony I am having a blast…

Almost dark at 8:30 and still an hour’s walking planned

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote


  1. Alice says

    Typhoon–yikes! Here we battle blizzards in winter and find the campus closed. Grrrr. Beautiful there beside the sea.

  2. Lovely photos of the paddies, as they look good from the elevated view. Were you on the main road for those photos? That’s a pretty handy sunrise as well!

    It sounds like the typhoon didn’t even give you a day off…?!

    • Thanks, Greg. Yep, that was a good road for viewpoints, even if it did get a bit gnarly at times. I got a good mix of busy roads and deserted lanes on that walk.

      Well, I got half a day off, I suppose. Shouldn’t complain — there’s sure to be another sometime soon…

    • Thanks, Carl, I’m pretty fond of that little sequence, myself. I certainly got a lot of sunset/-rise practice on that walk.

  3. Just entering the last week of the summer holidays for me. The unexpected days off I get are on account of usually less serious snow over the winter. It doesn’t take a lot for the UK to grind to a halt!

    • Ha, it takes more than a bit of snow to slow the advance of the rapacious Korean machine, Dominic! Samsung wouldn’t hear of it (worse luck)!

  4. NOMADICLES says

    Goat, how long are you in Korea? Long enough to witness the remarkable autumn there? That might be the good time to go back to Seoraksan. Really enjoying your photos!

    • Thank you again for your kind comments, Joy. I will be here till the end of December — at least… Yes, I have heard good things about Autumn here. Chuseok — and another glorious break! — is fast approaching, but not sure if the leaves will have started turning by then. In any case, I am considering Jiri-San for that time. However, I really ought to give Seorak-San a good look after all that work — and I owe Sokcho a decent look as well after my 20-minute stay! So, hmmm…now that I know about the buses…

    • Well, you try to rinse out your frilly things in the ocean daily. Those giant ones are hard to budge, though — you just have to learn to live with them, I suppose.

  5. Those are some epic sunrise captures. I like the lifeguard “tower”, so much nicer than the iconic Californian ones.

    • Ha, I had a funny moment during one of my swims early in the walk when I looked up and noticed that all the “guards” were either texting or asleep!

      • Brilliant. Better than posing in red bikinis with itty bitty co-ordinated floats and orange tans. And probably about as much use if you’re drowning 😉

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