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Goat Killer Trail, Day 1: Pictures

G’day and good evening to you all.

Well, it was back at “work” yesterday, where I spent the whole day in my chair catching up on blogs — no students till Monday. I did enjoy the looks of horror on the faces of the vice principal and other staff as I cheerfully described my holiday fun and had it all translated. My ravaged feet were regarded with delicious horror, and the first aid kit was duly placed on my desk. Spray-on antiseptic, local anaesthetic and Band Aids were generously applied. Life was good.

My feet are improving — no more pins and needles — but I was wiped out this whole Saturday and kept collapsing into deep sleep. Didn’t venture out till 4:00, but a cup of Latte of the Gods…

Club Mountaingoat Strategic Command, Jangyu

..has restored my spirits and will to blog.

Here’s what I have to show for 12 days of fun. The heel blister has since been punctured and is on the mend:

Joy of Walking I

Joy of Walking II

I’ve been editing my 640 pictures between naps, and have culled them down to around 500 so far. My next dozen posts will each consist of 15-20 photos, a selection for each day of the walk (well, it was actually 11 full days plus two half-days). You can skim through them quickly and get straight back to Master Chef.

I’ll also include some italicised extracts from the original posts to give you some context. Yes, quoting myself: a new low! Then again, there are numerous authors out there who’ve been rewriting the same story for decades!

Hope you enjoy them. I’m really enjoying reliving this modest but life-affirming little adventure.

(Click on the “DAY 1” etc for the original post.)

* * * * *


Started at 5:00 from Haeundae yesterday; it was like hell with inner tubes:

The many colours of Haeundae

Korea, where a young man brandishes a yellow floatie without irony

The horror…

The ultimate performance-enhancing duo of latte and cheesecake…

God bless you, sweet Angel

..sped me north…

Twilight on the coastal path

A (perhaps foolish) detour along the train tracks Songjeong Beach…

Romance amid the rubbish, Songjeong Beach

The one (thousand) that got away

Hell, yes, I tried it on!

Sea Sprites

..which is normally pleasant but yesterday was the filthiest beach I’ve ever seen:

Old people clean up after the babies

I was alternately laughing in astonishment, muttering “You…PEOPLE!” with increasing fury, and taking pictures in full view of all the crap that people had dumped right where they sat, hoping to shame them:

Rock festival? Nope, typical Korean beach trash.

“Bart! Stop laughing at all the shit!”

Further north, as the sun went down I was stymied by another army base which I tried to sneak round via the rocks but retreated before the searchlights came on or I fell to my death. Backtracked to the road which cost me an hour. Grrr…

Quiet fishing village just before the army base

Resident enjoying the evening

But my luck soon improved when I met a local real estate agent called Chang who offered his fishing-village office to bathe and sleep. Trail magic on the first day, an excellent omen…

Chang’s window: two places with significance for me

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote



  1. Carl says

    Whoa, beautiful images, I love those near field ones. But your feet man, come on, give ’em a break, baha, you are not really a Goat. I don’t think

  2. nielsenbrownoutdoors says

    Love the photos, we don’t appreciate how lucky we are to be able experience almost empty beaches till we see places such as you have shown. I get similar looks of incredulity when I tell tales of walking alone for days in Lapland, city folk don’t understand and always ask am I lonely etc. etc. You seem to have a great group of colleagues who want to ensure feet get better so you can walk some more. Looking forward to more photos.

    • Thanks, yeah, I was determined not to go on any “These aren’t real beaches, you should see Australia etc etc” rants, but I was disappointed early on with the filth. Nobody can help what nature gives them but if they looked after them more…

      The crowds? That’s Asia! Yes, we are very, very lucky in Australia. And I did have one guy telling me on this trip that his wife was worried about how “lonely” I must be. I couldn’t get away from the hordes fast enough!

  3. Good! I really like the first ones, their colour and crowded activity, specially No 3 itself and its forest of beach parasols receding red to blue. The girl with the phone, the boy drinking and the girl in the bikini are pleasingly arranged.

    • Thanks, yes, those scenes where there’s a million elements and a million things happening, I like to find a way “in” visually and build the shot around that. Difficult with girls in bikinis not to appear…dubious, but that wide-angle is great for surreptitious framing!

  4. Wow, I want shares in those yellow floaty things. In that picture it looks like the whole beach has got one! What’s the story over there? Swimming doesn’t appeal?!

    Oh yeah, that rubbish on the beach is disgrace! I can’t work it out. If you’ve gone to the effort of bringing that with you, how hard is it to take the crap home? I guess it’s just a different mindset? Knowing someone else will come along at the end of the day and clean up after them? Imagine if there were no cleaners? Would they keep coming and sit amongst piles of shit?!

    Frankly, that wall to wall umbrella shot is absurd! Are they kidding?! I guess we’re too spoiled when it comes to desolate beaches down here, but bloody hell…

    Hey, I love the sketches! Leaving your signature as walked…?

    • Nobody ever went broke over here running an inflatable beach accessory concession! Maybe they work as crash barriers in the human soup!

      The rubbish? You tell me. It’s not just the beaches, but any Australian would be shocked senseless. Out of sight, out of mind, a throwaway society, I can’t work it out.

      That sketch was in the travel agent’s window. A nice touch. I felt bad for him as his business was hurting due to the economy — but mind you, it was in a TINY FISHING VILLAGE!

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