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bus & peace signs

Well, I’m back, and I’ll be damned if that school trip wasn’t the best three consecutive days I’ve had in Korea! I am hereby eating all my words of foreboding from the previous post.

school trip 1

Getting organised, chants of "CHAR-COAL! CHAR-COAL!" already erupting...

It was just about all fun, and when it wasn’t fun, it was at least educational. I learned a bit about Korean history, a lot about what lies outside my little nook down here in the south-east — and a hell of a lot about the workings of the Korean school system.

school trip 2

Boys and girls, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO MINGLING!

It’s going to take a while to get my thoughts and images organised — I came back with almost 600 pictures and have just begun culling — so bear with me while the tale unfolds over several posts and a week or two.

And charcoal fans — you’ll have to wait, I’m afraid. The museum was the last stop yesterday afternoon before heading back here to Gyeongsangnamdo — and it wasn’t quite what I was expecting…

school trip 3

Students...present fluffy toys!

I can say I was treated very well: never really lifted a finger for three days (other than being appointed school photographer — 10 classes of obstreperous young ‘uns, my first pro gig!), was transported, housed and fed in style, and got to see the kids and staff in a much less pressurised and insane context. I think we all saw each other’s better sides.

Yes, apparently I have one.

bus & peace signs

All aboard the Peace Convoy! A dozen buses -- I felt like Alice Cooper...

And among several highlights (including my first taste of Seoul!), the sweetest was yesterday: a real, fair-dinkum (check an Australian-English dictionary) hike. Naturally, I hadn’t been told, so I had to do it in jeans — well, we all did. It nearly killed the students, but I was in heaven. Absolutely the most stunning part of Korea I’ve seen.

kids on bus

Ripples of excitement spread through the bus as we got underway

Stay tuned. You deserve a happy post or two, starting tomorrow night, South Gyeongsang Province Time…

bus movie

I'm stuck on a bus with 30-something students. God, I need a drink...

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote



  1. Nice to see your ebullience has returned, Goat! Now, was it the girls, the charcoal or the rock star status that caused all this ecstasy? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out …

    • Stay tuned, SW! And can I maintain this ebullience? NO! IT’S UNSUSTAINABLE, I TELL YOU! I JUST HAD ONE OF THE WORST DAYS AT WORK EVER!

  2. Barb says

    great to hear your enthusiasm !Glad you are finally getting to know the place a little better… i so envy you.. do enjoy your experiences as i enjoy reading them…

  3. Well, can say that the interior decorations of the bus are interesting? The purple curtains remind me of a mid ’70’s panel-van.

    I was going to congratulate you on having such an uplifting, positive attitude, but it looks like I’ve commented too late! You’ve gone downhill again! The joys of life can be fleeting…

    • Yes Greg, just thinking today halfway through a beautiful day’s urban walking in Busan about how up and down I am over here. I think I need to lie down on someone’s couch and let it all pour out…

  4. Two questions;

    1. Why do all the girls have the same haircuts?
    2. What is the movie playing on the bus? I only ask because Freud would have something to say about girs drinking from taps.

    • 1. Maybe there’s not much you can do with black, straight hair — not without incurring the wrath of the school authorities anyway.
      2. It was some awful Korean drama. It went on, and on, and on. I knew from the music exactly what I was meant to be feeling, but I always felt the opposite.

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