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The Scrutineers (Scene from a Stroll #1)

A bit of fun today, and perhaps sporadically from now on: a favourite single image from one of my rambles. You’ve earned a break from my whiny wordage!

This one comes with a question. Who or what are these gentlemen in downtown Busan gazing at so intently? And no, they’re not extras from a Korean version of Goodfellas!

Answer next post.

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote



  1. I do like the wild man in the middle who is rocking a different coloured jacket to everyone else. Umm…you’ve been hanging around the docks, so some sort of catch of the day?

    • Yes Greg: Red Jacket was carted away by some goons straight after I took this for suspected radicalism — a crime exacerbated by the fact that it wasn’t the mandatory North Face brand.

      As for the catch of the day: I’m afraid you’re way off!

      • You do realise that this is an insanely clever post? It has the potential to generate a billion comments!

        It’s tricky as there are a few smirks amongst these blokes. A random Playboy magazine lying on the ground?

        I just know it’ll be something completely ordinary…

      • Ha — a billion? Three so far! As for your guess, I haven’t seen Playboy over here (and I’ve been looking). Your last sentence is closer to the mark…

  2. Got to agree with Greg that it’s probably some kind of seafood in its natural state (“seafood” being a VERY broad term…)

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