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Putting Things into Perspective (or Blowing Things out of Proportion?)

Hey folks,

I was going to do a post about the sensational weekend of improvised hiking I just had, but another huge lunch today seemed to go down badly — I knew I shouldn’t have kept grabbing more spiced cucumber — and I’ve been nauseous all evening.

Feeling better now but it’s almost midnight, and I have a busy day of looking busy tomorrow, so…

But a quick question, and a bit of a teaser for my next few posts. A couple of readers have commented that TGTW takes an eternity to load, presumably because of the number and size of my pictures.

That number is unlikely to decrease, since the new NEX accompanies me everywhere in a jacket pocket and there’s inspiration everywhere here — including the bottom of my lunchtime soup bowl where I usually find A LURKING CRUSTACEAN CLAW — so I wondered what your opinions, if any, might be.

I love the big pictures, but it’s up to you. I might now reside in the land of hyper-surreal internet speed and hyper-indigestible lunches, but most of you poor wretches don’t. I don’t want to lose readers ’cause they can’t be bothered waiting for a page to load.

Here’s a comparison, using a few shots from the weekend.

Would you rather this…

..or this:

Jangyu City: home, sweet home, Saturday morning



..or this:

Looking homeward from Jangyu Temple, Saturday morning


Do you prefer this…

..or this:

A view of Changwon, capital of Gyeongsangnam Province, Saturday afternoon


Lemme know if it’s an issue. And please don’t get technical: I’m cyber-retarded. Silence will be interpreted to mean “We love the big pictures!” rather than “I didn’t even read this post — it took too long to load.”

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote



  1. Now Goat, I was banging on about this issue a few posts back. How big should a photo be to be able to load quickly? You know what I found after about 2 hours of reading online? Absolutely nothing! Most stuff written about this very thing is dated 2009 or earlier which seems really dated to me.

    Big is best, but your blog does take a while to load. I’m on ‘cable’ where I live and I’m sure other people actually have speed built into their internet! I read that a page should take no more than 5 seconds to load, so I did a speed test for my blog online and my first page to open was 15 seconds! Apparently that’s bad and the world will stop turning any second unless I speed it up.

    The thing is, are people that scattered brain that they refuse to wait an additional 10 seconds for a page to open? In the end I’ve done absolutely nothing as I do like a massive picture! I’ve compressed my pictures for uploading though to a maximum size of 1600 x 1600 at 240 dpi. The result that has done is nothing to page upload speed! There’s all sorts of reasons why, such as comments and peripherals on the the side of the home page which might slow down page speed which is one reason I ditched all those little things (outdoor blogger network widgets and crap like that).

    You know what? This massive comment has probably slowed down your page upload speed! Who wants to look at a blog with piddly little photos in which I need an electron microscope to view? In my view big is best and if you can find out the upload speed answer can you let me know?!

    • Yeah, I knew you were looking into the issue, Greg. I’m glad it was you and not me doing that research! If I have to do too much maths on the blog it will kill the fun for me, as it’s always been my weakest subject. I do wonder if that “rolling…whatever it’s called” at the top of my blog is a culprit…but it’s kinda fun…

  2. I’d lay off the cucumber for a bit. Your bigger photos look great here. Funnily enough, just now your blog loaded in an instant.

    • Great, cheers, Dominic. Big photos way in front. I am slowly recovering but it’s lunchtime within the hour and my trepidation is building…

  3. Robert says

    Loading speed hasn’t been an issue for me – I like the bigger photos.

    Now, about that hiking…

    • Cool, Robert. Full report tonight if I survive today’s lunch. Hope all proceeds well in your part of the world (which used to be my part as well).

  4. i like a big photo ^^
    i really enjoy to read your blog. there are many difficult wards… but i try to understand.. how are you? do you remember me? i was your student in navitas before you go to korea.
    i hope you are fine enjoy korea^^

    • Hi Taehee, great to hear from you. I’m glad you’re following my blog and I hope things are still going well for you and your boyfriend in Brisbane. Say hi to any other of the students who remain there, and I’ll try not to use too many difficult words!

  5. Barbara says

    Anyone who cant be bothered waiting can go elsewhere! Great Stuff I(v)an!

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