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A Glutton for Punishment

G’day, all, and a quick post before I disappear for a couple of days.

I’m up obscenely early this morning (even by my standards) to get a couple of trains down to the southern Bayside suburbs, and then the MiCat ferry across to good old Moreton Island, which as you might have guessed is probably my favourite place in this part of the world.

A wet day, with possible thunderstorms, is predicted…

..and believe it or not, that sounds pretty good. Should take the edge off all that sand-reflected heat and glare, and hopefully set me up for some nice storm pictures.

Here are the landmarks framing this little adventure:

The goal is to head south from The Wrecks (where the boat lands) down to the Big Sandhill, spend some time up there on the mini sand-Everest, then further south to the Little Sandhills, where I will cut across to the ocean side and camp somewhere near (or on) the beach towards the heel of the island. Up early tomorrow (hopefully to kinder weather) for some sunrise shots and exploration of Mirapool, a big lagoon frequented by migrating waterbirds.

Then I go round the bottom, up past the Sandhills again and back to The Wrecks in time for the 4:30pm boat homeward. I’ve never done this permutation and am looking forward to getting away and getting some sand in my North Face boxers…

Meanwhile, astute readers might have noticed my little FLICKR widget on the side-bar. It’s early days yet — gawd, will this mountain of uploading ever subside? — but I will be slowly adding to my collection of shots over the next few weeks, with notes etc, focusing on excursions outlined on this here blog.

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote


  1. So when you dropped your pack did you find a bit of Sand Everest had come home with you? Can’t wait to read the story!

    • Fidgit, I thought I’d extracted all of the island from my nether regions — haven’t started on the pack yet — and then this morning I located a very nasty tick embedded in my belly. Found a use for the Swiss Army knife I’ll bet they never envisaged!

      Very tired today and work soon. Ugh. Will start on my story tonight!

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