Month: October 2011

King of the Sand Castle

OCTOBER, 2011 Lunch over, I left the shipwrecks and moved out onto the flats. When the tide recedes, vast sandy plains open up and you no longer have to hug every indentation of the coast. Twice a day this whole densely populated realm is revealed, washed clean and smooth; then the birds and crabs and worms emerge and start plying the surface, leaving their characteristic marks before the water creeps in again to erase all trace…

Moreton down the Middle

I was miserable and mixed-up over a woman. She had a boyfriend, a fact she would introduce into proceedings with what seemed like cruel and self-serving arbitrariness. At last she got on a plane and went back to him; I stocked up on chocolate, cheese and whisky, loaded  my homemade pack, got on a ferry and cruised across Moreton Bay to the island of the same name, third-biggest sand island in the world, for my third prolonged excursion there.