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To the Victor the Spoils

Hey all. Well, the experiment with blogging “from the field” was a dismal failure due to the absence of phone towers in said field (which is one of the things to love about that region). So apologies to anyone who thought I’d been eaten by a large marsupial or swept from the rocks by a freak wave. Or maybe nobody even noticed?

Luckily the hike itself was an unqualified success, one of the best adventures of my young life. I am on the train now from Geelong, Melbourne-bound, after two buses starting from the Twelve Apostles. Once in Melbourne I have to leap from this conveyance onto a shuttle with about an hour to make my flight north to Brisbane. I am assuming there will be a flight. Don’t know the status of that bothersome volcanic ash cloud, but hopefully it’s blighting a different continent by now…

I reached journey’s end at 9:17 this morning after battling ferocious winds and stinging rain along an exposed stretch of clifftop. The Apostles came into view, and soon after, a perfect rainbow arching into the turbulent ocean just to their left. I couldn’t believe my luck: the perfect climax to an almost perfect walk. Everything went well: gear, weather (fine before today), campsites and my much-abused body, which for once did not let me down at all. A single heel blister is the sum total of my physical complaints.

Mentally, I was in good form as well. The Great Ocean Walk, though of modest length, was a constant treat to the senses, with an incredible variety of scenery, landforms, flora and fauna. I was only bored in one long, excruciatingly muddy stretch on Day 2, though as I started Days 2-5 in pitch darkness, and so only had to slip and slide through the quagmire, not look at it, maybe I got off lightly.

Forgive that terrible sentence — I’m a bit tired.

I put a lot of effort into my pictures on this trip, and used up three camera batteries; can’t wait to get home and start editing and culling and reliving the adventure on the big screen. I will put up a summary with some choice pictures for each day of the walk, starting Sunday.

I think you’ll like them.

Oh, and the picture attached here — if it works — my celebratory feast in Apollo Bay today, after days of instant meals, English muffins and chocolate. A return visit to the bakery for the Greatest Custard Tart Ever, plus some bloody fantastic fish and chips, as you’d expect in that part of the world. In fact, I am lugging two more of those tarts all the way back to Brisbane for my parents, partial compensation for them turning up at the airport to get me at 10am instead of pm. Somebody screwed up…

While in town I also had my first shower in five days at the local caravan park, rendering me almost fit for close contact on the flight home. Best $2 I’ve spent in years. Wouldn’t want to be the unfortunate cleaner, though.

~ And that’s all the Goat wrote




    • Thanks, Fidgit! Been going through my photos all weekend – started with 471, culled about a hundred of those… It was an amazing walk, I can’t stop thinking about it. Stay tuned…

  1. Hey there, love the photos and the write up so far! It feels so familiar I feel like I’d like to get down there for yet another look 🙂 That hidden little Cape Otway cemetery has a real vibe to it doesn’t it? I’m glad to see you picked up on that as well…

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